The Fiber Factor

Here I am again after over a month. I was sick, and it was really bad. Now, my son has a  flu, and it’s even worst. 😦 After my flu, cold and few infections I am on my feet again. Last four weeks I finished few unfinished knitting / crochet projects. I’ll post photos as soon as we have a sunny day, so I can take good photos. It is pouring from the sky, and it seems it will rain for next two – three days. Right now I am working on my sweater. That project takes lot of time. I was almost done with a front when I found mistake, and I ripped it off. My husband said he would not do that, but I can not stand to have mistake on my sweater.  I also work on a baby blanket. The funniest part is I do not have enough yarn. I need maybe three yards of yarn to finish it, and now I have to wait ’til my son gets better, so I can go to by a skein of yarn. This never happened to me before. The reason why happened now is simple – I am using leftovers for this blanket.

Have you heard about The Fiber Factor ? Not yet! Check their web site, and if you are interested apply. If you apply, let me know, so I can follow you. If you are memeber of Ravelry you can find more info here.


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  1. So sorry to hear you and your son have been sick. Feeling sick really does make one not one to do much knitting-even out of love. Hope you feel better soon! I love your knits and am interested in seeing what you will work on next!

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