Coming back

I have been thinking for over a month what to do with this blog. I realized that it’s time for me to wake up and start blogging again.
Last year was busy and full of surprises. I finished most of my unfinished projects. Some of them are still WIP, but hope to finish them soon.
My son wanted a knight’s helmet hat. He saw it on Etsy, and asked me if I can make one for him, so I did.
Knights hat
Knight’s helmet hat was one evening project. It took me some time to figure out how to make the visor. I didn’t use pattern and I am very happy with final product. If you ask my son, that is his favorite hat.
One of my WIP projects is a sweater for my son. I am knitting it a bit bigger, so he can wear it next winter. Hope it will fit him once is done. His favorite color is orange. I was not in the mood to knit plain, orange sweater, so I bought dark grey yarn and combined it with orange. I don’t have any photo, but plan to take some as soon as I have time (maybe this weekend).
An American Girl doll set was knitted for my friend’s daughter’s AG doll.
At the end of this post, just a little reminder for all of you who love to be part of Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, that 5th AKCBW is coming soon. As always it will be hosted by wonderful Eskimimi Makes. You can find more info about blog week on her web site.

Facebook page

I started Facebook page, so I can show my work (knitting, crochet, embroidery….) to other people. Hope you will support me and like my FB page. Thank you all!

The Fiber Factor

Here I am again after over a month. I was sick, and it was really bad. Now, my son has a ¬†flu, and it’s even worst. ūüė¶ After my flu, cold and few infections I am on my feet again. Last four weeks I finished few unfinished knitting / crochet projects. I’ll post photos as soon as we have a sunny day, so I can take¬†good photos. It¬†is pouring from the sky, and it seems it will¬†rain for next two – three days. Right now I am working on my sweater. That project takes lot of time. I was almost done with a front when I found mistake, and I ripped it off. My husband said he would not do that, but I can not stand to have mistake on my sweater. ¬†I also work on a baby blanket. The funniest part is I do not have enough yarn. I need maybe three yards of yarn to finish it, and now¬†I have to wait ’til my son gets better, so I can go to by a skein of yarn. This never happened to me before. The reason why happened now¬†is simple – I am using leftovers for this blanket.

Have you heard about The Fiber Factor ? Not yet! Check their web site, and if you are interested apply. If you apply, let me know, so I can follow you. If you are memeber of Ravelry you can find more info here.