Summer Knitting

I will be leaving on vacation in two weeks. We will be visiting our family and friends in Croatia. This year my son and I will be going alone (hubby has to stay and work). Traveling with kids is always challenge, no matter how old they are. When our son was younger it was much easier for me to pack his stuff. Things are changing as he is getting older. He wants his own stuff, his favorite shoes, clothes, toys… Usually, I pack only few things for myself. My suitcase is always filled with presents for family and friends. That’s the reason why I plan to take my knitting gadgets with me, but no yarn. I will buy yarn in Croatia.
My summer knitting plan is to knit Simply Summer and this top with lace pattern. I also like Jodi , but I don’t know if I will have enough time to knit it.
I am still working on projects from the last week, and hope I will be done before we leave for Croatia. At least, I should finish my mom’s cardigan. Ginko Shawl is close to be done. I have 15 more rows, and if everything goes right it will be done by the end of this week.